Sunday, July 30, 2017


Studying the Buddha way is studying oneself.
Studying oneself is forgetting oneself.
Forgetting oneself is being enlightened by all things.
Being enlightened by all things is to shed the body-mind of oneself, and those of others.
No trace of enlightenment remains, and this traceless enlightenment continues endlessly.
- Dogen Zenji

Our egoistic ideas are delusion, covering our Buddha Nature. - Shunryu Suzuki

Acceptance, in the Buddhist sense of the word, is not passivity. It is not accepting what happens without an active response, merely shrugging one's shoulders and declining to engage. Rather, it is looking clearly and calmly at a situation, seeing it for what it is and working with it as it is. - Gary Hayden

In the gloom and darkness of the night, when there is a sudden flash of light, a person will recognize objects; in the same way, the one with a flash of insight sees according to reality… "This is how sorrow works; this is how it arises; this is how it can come to an end; this is the path leading to that end." - Anguttara Nikaya

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